OpenSea Begins Investigation As Its Official Discord Channel Reportedly Gets Hacked

On Friday, popular online NFT marketplace, OpenSea announced yet another hack that was aimed at its official Discord Channel. Taking to its official Twitter page to make the announcement, the platform confirms that it had begun investigating a ‘potential vulnerability,’ and warned users to refuse the urge to click on any links until further notice.

OpenSea Not Quite Open With The Situation

While the OpenSea platform sees the attack as “potential,” popular Chinese crypto enthusiast Colin Wu, begs to differ. Wu tweeted a report stating that the hack was actually successful. He also established that there’s truly a link to a phishing site on the channel.

According to Wu, the hackers tried to deceive users into clicking a link in order to quickly take advantage of a new partnership with YouTube. The criminal acts also claimed that the partnership was aimed at integrating the YouTube community into the fast-growing NFT space. And according to these hackers, users would only get the mint pass in the order they come. That is, on a first come, first served basis.

Meanwhile, it might be worthy to note that OpenSea has recently been in the news, albeit one too many times, for suffering various cyberattacks and exploitations. Having enjoyed a long spell as one of the most popular NFT marketplaces, it has recently been plagued by repeated hacks. Thus, leading to loss of assets for some of its users, and earning the platform itself a number of lawsuits.

Still Waxing Strong

Despite the hacks however, OpenSea continues to record massive growth. But this may be linked to the growing popularity of NFTs, or the platform’s unrivaled popularity among its peers.

Little wonder then, that a recent data report by Token Terminal claims that OpenSea generated nearly $74 million in revenue. Quite impressive one might say, as the figures were just $23 million shirt of Ethereum’s $87 million for the same period.

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